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Monday, October 25, 2010

Off to the church? Look best and be blessed

Let me refresh you on some Church rules that sometimes are neglected by many especially the men. Men should dress modestly. “Sunday best” is still the policy. But wearing what you think is best for you is not fit to say for some because they wear casual not the formal wear intended for attending church service. If we would take a look on the past centuries, you would see men attending church dressed in suit with coat and tie. Slacks are properly pressed, matched with shinny black shoes.

We can bring that back still now. Take note men, especially the ones who aren’t comfortable wearing formal church suits, you look gorgeous and masculine when you are wearing a formal wear. Black church suits for men are widely available in style and cut you want. The undying black color gives a more refined and presentable look.

Church suits for men are also popular as black formal wear for men by some online shops and boutiques. Your church suits can also be worn as a formal wear. Black formal wear for men are tagged as attire for special occasions such as wedding, anniversary, and banquet to name a few.

In buying for some church suits, you need to know some tips to get an instant classic look which projects a sense of style. The two important considerations in buying a church suit are the style and fabric.

Know your style. Black suits can make you look powerful, mature, conservative, or sexy. Remember, most women love men in black suits! You can't go wrong with a single-breasted, solid color suit in black, grey or navy blue and always remember a single-breasted suit will make you look slimmer and sleeker in appearance.

Wear a suit that will give you a comfy feeling. Choose a wool fabric. Wool is always a safe option when buying a suit. It looks good and makes you feel good also.

Remember to use your best judgment and good taste when dressing for church. After all, you don't go to be seen by everyone else - you go to meet and worship God.

Have a blessed day!

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