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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dorinda Clark's Gospel Bio

One could almost say Dorinda Clark-Cole was famous from the day she was born. As one of four daughters of the internationally renowned Gospel choir director and composer, Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark, she has been singing for a congregation or audience since she was five, and recording with her sisters—widely known to Gospel fans for years as the Clark Sisters—since the mid-‘80s.She loves wearing quality church suits which you can avail at cheaper price at Ultimatesuits.com.

With the release of her second solo album, Live From Houston… The Rose of Gospel, she continues to not only build her famous family legacy, but even more to develop and refine her own distinct—and often devastating—individual artistic signature. Dorinda’s unparalleled improvisational skills earned her the reputation as “the jazzy one” of the sisters. There’s certainly no argument with that. Over the years, her dazzling scats, riffs, and runs have become almost legendary. But that’s just one edge of a pallet that is filled with a seemingly endless array of colors, hues and shadings. And Dorinda paints freely from it all.

On Live From Houston… The Rose of Gospel she applies those prodigious gifts to a project that, in her words, “is meant to reach everybody—from the youngest to the oldest.” And she succeeds stunningly at every turn.

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