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Friday, October 22, 2010

Elegant cocktail dresses in shape for Huggable Women

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Been invited in a glittering cocktail party but shy to go because you’re one among the league of full-figured, curve hugging shape women? Well, what do you think of Hollywood celebrities like Nikki Blonsky, Lisa Synder, Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah have in common? They are “big-boned” or “fat and curvy” as described in a magazine, but they look hot and sexy when they strut in the red carpet.

What I am saying is, choosing the right dress is the key for a curvy woman like you to look sexy yet elegant. Plenty of plus size dresses are widely available online for you to choose from, so there are no reasons for you not to attend that special cocktail party that you’re dying to come.

An A-line style cocktail dress is the best choice for a plus size woman. This style creates a slimming look in a dress particularly on black color.

You may consider also wearing a wrap or shrug or shawl if you would like to conceal that bumpy upper arms of yours. This piece of cloth adds a royal touch if you are a wearing a long gown and will keep your shoulders warm on a chilly evening. Quick tip: Cocktail dresses that have ruffles around the hips and chest are not advisable for larger people unless of course you want to look as large as possible.

Accessories add beauty and elegance. But choose accessories that harmonize your look. Consider carefully the kind of handbag, jewelry and shoes you will wear. Make sure that it is balance. Remember that your cocktail dress is the star; so don’t wear plenty of jewelry that would exaggerate your look. Don’t wear shoes that don’t blend in.

Last but definitely not the least to consider is your hairstyle. Make sure that hair is done in a style that complements the look you want to express. If you’re wearing a long plus size gown for a formal affair, wearing your hair up can bring a fantastic and clean look. But for a cocktail party, ponytail or a little curly on the bottom is simple yet look stunning.

Now, you are good to go! Show them that huggable women have also a side of sexiness! Don’t forget to wear that cute smile! Smile adds confidence.

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  1. I love the simple design but gorgeous look of this cocktail dress.