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Friday, November 12, 2010

Michelle Obama is in hot seat for a handshake!

All eyes are on First Lady Michelle Obama for the handshake controversy on Indonesia religious information minister Tifatul Sembiring.

The said forced contact handshake was caught on video and had been a big issue on Indonesia being regarded as a conservative Muslim country. In the video, Sembiring handshakes Michelle Obama with his two hands that contradicts his statement which said that he tried to prevent being touched by Obama’s hands but Michelle held her hands too far toward his that is why they have touched.

Michelle Obama’s camp is still quiet about this issue.

At the arrival area Michelle Obama casual dress made her look elegant and stunning. She talks and moves with grace during the night party. The Michelle Obama cocktail dress was long-sleeve spotted red and black dress. I would like to applause Michelle Obama designer for creating dresses that complements her beauty and status in the society.

Whatever issues, rumors and gossips linked to Michelle Obama, what is more admirable to her is that she remains quiet and poised at all times.


  1. thank you for the comment on my blog..
    I appreciate it..
    I will try to sketch a "mother of bride suits" collection soon..
    thank you..

  2. Oh wow, that makes sense, I remember I once worked with a traditional Muslim guy and he couldn't shake my hand. I would always forget and go to shake it anyway and he would pull it away, it was our ongoing joke! Nice post :)


  3. @ yajaira:

    Thank you so much. I would be so glad if you could sketch one for me. no problem for the comment, I really found your blog cool. Thanks also and have a nice day.

  4. @La Petite Marmoset:

    Yeah, Muslims really can't do it. thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Thanks for the comment.