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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Accessorize to conceal not to reveal

If you are a full figured woman who loves to dress up and needs the right Sunday dress, plus sized church suits come in a variety of styles and colors perfect for the curvy woman like you. You got the plus size church suits that complement your taste and style, but that bumpy tummy and large shoulders might still show off.

Don’t worry. Every sigh has an answer. Accessories will save your day. Even if you choose designer plus size suits, they won’t magically turn you into a hot sexy woman like Megan Fox. Even cheap plus size church wear suits can look elegant and dazzling on you depending on how you carry it and of course on what accessories you used.

Pearls are classic but typical and won’t look good on you if you have broad jaw line. Wear a dangling pair of chandelier earrings to draw attention to your face. However, keep in mind the details on your suit; if your clothing contains a lot of embellishments, keep the jewelry more subdued. For simpler suits, you can wear bigger, bolder pieces of jewelry. You don't want the suit and jewelry to clash, but instead to complement each other. Likewise, pull out a pair of sassy high heels. You're dressing from head-to-toe, so everything in your outfit should reflect the same degree of sophistication.

Remember you're in a church to please God and not the people around you but don't shrink into the background, but still exude elegance with your suit. Have confidence in the way you look and dress. Chances are they will admire you on being fashionably and appropriately dressed.

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  1. I love accessories, I love them like how I love men's church suits, they must go along together.