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Friday, November 12, 2010

Michelle Obama is in hot seat for a handshake!

All eyes are on First Lady Michelle Obama for the handshake controversy on Indonesia religious information minister Tifatul Sembiring.

The said forced contact handshake was caught on video and had been a big issue on Indonesia being regarded as a conservative Muslim country. In the video, Sembiring handshakes Michelle Obama with his two hands that contradicts his statement which said that he tried to prevent being touched by Obama’s hands but Michelle held her hands too far toward his that is why they have touched.

Michelle Obama’s camp is still quiet about this issue.

At the arrival area Michelle Obama casual dress made her look elegant and stunning. She talks and moves with grace during the night party. The Michelle Obama cocktail dress was long-sleeve spotted red and black dress. I would like to applause Michelle Obama designer for creating dresses that complements her beauty and status in the society.

Whatever issues, rumors and gossips linked to Michelle Obama, what is more admirable to her is that she remains quiet and poised at all times.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Church Dresses is Always an in thing in the Fashion Trend

Post modernism skid the way in a fast phase: technology per se, philosophy, society; all trends involving the walks of life. And thus, fashion was a more manifestation of such reality. For that reason, even the types of dresses that people wore has a great impact on the time scheme. Time changes as dresses had worn out the days; so as with the people wearing them. Hence, church suits were seemingly taken by the antiquity of the past. Therefore, it is so classical thus, out of tune to wear such church dresses on Sundays or on days of worship. However, a Church, as place of the Divine, needs to be rendered with reverence. If so, worshippers must be in a respectable suit as well.

So, we take the pride to extirpate the above notion and give applause to great designers whom we owe the fashionable (still) church suits that was never taken by time. Herewith, one of which is Dorinda Clark. Below are some of the ideal church suits (others are from Dorinda Clark’s collections) that women may wear with regality, reverence and fashion (style).

These dresses were shown with simplicity yet with style. The hats were always fashionable match for the dresses, perfect for church-dress-going.

Church suits from Dorinda Clark’s collection depict formality -- rightly for worshiping rather than for business suits. More below:

Church suits dresses designed by other designers:
By Donna Vinci

By DVC Exclusive

Church suit dresses must not always be similar to business dresses. Here are some exciting styles:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dorinda Clark – an epitome of grace and elegance

Like the old cliché says, beauty is not skin deep, but, it is shown on how a woman dresses.

Elaborating further, this cliché can be demonstrated through the way Dorinda Clark-Cole, an American evangelist as well as gospel singer who won three Grammy awards, show offs her inner beauty by wearing her formal dresses and evening dresses.

Being the “Rose of Gospel” and growing from the guidance of Mattie Moss Clark, her father and a choral director, Dorinda must show to the whole world how to dress properly as she goes over her engagements with the press and sound recordings for her albums.

Her hectic schedules include various musical conferences, showcase events and pastor sessions where she meets different people. With this, her wardrobe includes exquisite suits which are part of the DCC Rose Collection for Terramina.

The DCC Rose Collection for Terramina Collection of the gospel girl includes elegant formal dresses and evening dresses with matching hats in various colors and designs. Colors range from white to black and red to blue as well as green and gray. The incorporation of the colors and designs of these dresses makes women feel that they are special, as said by Dorinda herself.

Dorinda, who is a prominent figure in the Church of God in Christ, has a love for fashion and style which is reflected through the sophisticated, very womanly and church-lady designs of the DCC Rose Collection for Terramina. This love for fashion and style truly reveals her innermost love for God.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Serving God through Music: Does gospel singers have dress code?

Do you have big, powerful yet heavenly voice like Mahalia Jackson, Albertina Walker (hailed as the Queen of Gospel or Shirley Ceasar (the first lady of Gospel)? If you do, that is a talent that God gave you, and be used in praising Him.

You would be called as a gospel singer if the song you sing are all praise songs for the Almighty. The voice is there, but concerns me the most is how would you dress up when you sing gospel songs? Does church suits enough? Or dress like the way artists dressed while on the concert stage? Or you can wear in whatever style you want?

Essentially, a gospel singer performs at the church platform not on a concert stage, unless of course you already gained popularity and have invited to have some gospel concert. So, the appropriate dress will be church suits right? Formal wear is ideal, especially when you are a solo performer. For women, long gown with sleeves or a modest casual wear that falls below the knee is the best pick. Never wear a dress that is two or three inch above the knee or any revealing and tight dress so as not to distract the solemnity in the church and the audience will be concerned only on the gospel message of music.

For men gospel singers, they are expected to dress like professional salespeople of any other business, namely, suits and ties. Tuxedos display an elegant and masculine look and definitely add confidence especially when men perform as a group like the Male Quartet group.

Wearing the appropriate attire as a gospel singer develops a sense of integrity that people will look upon you and Someone up there will surely appreciate if you do.