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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Serving God through Music: Does gospel singers have dress code?

Do you have big, powerful yet heavenly voice like Mahalia Jackson, Albertina Walker (hailed as the Queen of Gospel or Shirley Ceasar (the first lady of Gospel)? If you do, that is a talent that God gave you, and be used in praising Him.

You would be called as a gospel singer if the song you sing are all praise songs for the Almighty. The voice is there, but concerns me the most is how would you dress up when you sing gospel songs? Does church suits enough? Or dress like the way artists dressed while on the concert stage? Or you can wear in whatever style you want?

Essentially, a gospel singer performs at the church platform not on a concert stage, unless of course you already gained popularity and have invited to have some gospel concert. So, the appropriate dress will be church suits right? Formal wear is ideal, especially when you are a solo performer. For women, long gown with sleeves or a modest casual wear that falls below the knee is the best pick. Never wear a dress that is two or three inch above the knee or any revealing and tight dress so as not to distract the solemnity in the church and the audience will be concerned only on the gospel message of music.

For men gospel singers, they are expected to dress like professional salespeople of any other business, namely, suits and ties. Tuxedos display an elegant and masculine look and definitely add confidence especially when men perform as a group like the Male Quartet group.

Wearing the appropriate attire as a gospel singer develops a sense of integrity that people will look upon you and Someone up there will surely appreciate if you do.


  1. I am a blues singer, and I wear men's church suit as my getup.

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