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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Choosing the Right Fabric for Men’s Suits

Men’s suits have value and pride when it is added to a man’s wardrobe. These clothes are available in an extensive variety of styles, sizes, colors and fabrics. A stylish men’s suit fabric must be made exclusively from natural fibers.
Most suits are made from wool where most people think that wool suits are not an ideal all year round wears since they think that wool fabric is too warm to wear. But with the right kind of yarn used and the right manner of weaving, the favored thickness and comfort can be done. Also, wool fabric is nice since it lets you breathe easily, wrinkle resistant and holds dyes. Wool can be made in a selection of weaves and weights.
Tweed, flannel and gabardine are drawn from wool fabric and comprise some of the general suit fabrics. To make variants in fineness they are sometimes combined with cotton. Furthermore, men’s suits are simple to maintain when it’s wrinkle resistant. A great wool quality comes in grading of Super 100’s, 110’s, 120’s and 150’s. The higher the fiber number the better the fineness of wool.
Another fabric used in suits is cashmere which has the same properties as wool. On the other hand, cashmere fabric is softer, warmer and expensive. In some countries, this fabric is considered a luxury.
Men’s suits made from cotton are an ideal summer formal wear like cotton slim fit suits wherein cotton seersucker is the foremost runner. Cotton offers good air flow and does not clung to the body in humid situations. Linen is used as well in summer fashion; it is preferred by luxury labels and regarded as higher end than cotton. Plus, it is light and comfortable to wear.
Silk suits are typical on eastern cultures and less used in the American market. This fabric is although used in the interiors of the suit regardless of its outer fabric.
Polyester fabric is a synthetic fabric that is used on men’s suits as well. It is also mixed with other fabric to acquire a certain quality.
Whatever fabric you desire, be assured that you will dry clean it as regularly as possible. You may use a brush to clean your suits, hang after wearing suits and men tuxedos and steam when unnecessary wrinkles make them look awful.

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