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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dorinda Clark – an epitome of grace and elegance

Like the old cliché says, beauty is not skin deep, but, it is shown on how a woman dresses.

Elaborating further, this cliché can be demonstrated through the way Dorinda Clark-Cole, an American evangelist as well as gospel singer who won three Grammy awards, show offs her inner beauty by wearing her formal dresses and evening dresses.

Being the “Rose of Gospel” and growing from the guidance of Mattie Moss Clark, her father and a choral director, Dorinda must show to the whole world how to dress properly as she goes over her engagements with the press and sound recordings for her albums.

Her hectic schedules include various musical conferences, showcase events and pastor sessions where she meets different people. With this, her wardrobe includes exquisite suits which are part of the DCC Rose Collection for Terramina.

The DCC Rose Collection for Terramina Collection of the gospel girl includes elegant formal dresses and evening dresses with matching hats in various colors and designs. Colors range from white to black and red to blue as well as green and gray. The incorporation of the colors and designs of these dresses makes women feel that they are special, as said by Dorinda herself.

Dorinda, who is a prominent figure in the Church of God in Christ, has a love for fashion and style which is reflected through the sophisticated, very womanly and church-lady designs of the DCC Rose Collection for Terramina. This love for fashion and style truly reveals her innermost love for God.

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