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Monday, November 8, 2010

Church Dresses is Always an in thing in the Fashion Trend

Post modernism skid the way in a fast phase: technology per se, philosophy, society; all trends involving the walks of life. And thus, fashion was a more manifestation of such reality. For that reason, even the types of dresses that people wore has a great impact on the time scheme. Time changes as dresses had worn out the days; so as with the people wearing them. Hence, church suits were seemingly taken by the antiquity of the past. Therefore, it is so classical thus, out of tune to wear such church dresses on Sundays or on days of worship. However, a Church, as place of the Divine, needs to be rendered with reverence. If so, worshippers must be in a respectable suit as well.

So, we take the pride to extirpate the above notion and give applause to great designers whom we owe the fashionable (still) church suits that was never taken by time. Herewith, one of which is Dorinda Clark. Below are some of the ideal church suits (others are from Dorinda Clark’s collections) that women may wear with regality, reverence and fashion (style).

These dresses were shown with simplicity yet with style. The hats were always fashionable match for the dresses, perfect for church-dress-going.

Church suits from Dorinda Clark’s collection depict formality -- rightly for worshiping rather than for business suits. More below:

Church suits dresses designed by other designers:
By Donna Vinci

By DVC Exclusive

Church suit dresses must not always be similar to business dresses. Here are some exciting styles:


  1. Going to church will be nice specially with this fashionable dresses.

  2. I love church dresses. I love different kinds of fashion, and right now I'm collecting men's church suits.