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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dressing Up Slimmer and Sexier

Everybody’s weight changes from time to time. Whatever size you have, the clothes you wear can make you appear thinner or larger. It’s actually your choice, you don’t have to entirely conceal your body if you‘re on the hefty side and not every one of these pointers will be ideal to you. Find out what compliments your body physique most and use it. Everybody has wonderful features, so highlight and accessorize!

Caution though. A tiny weight gain can make your clothes a little bit tighter, so it’s probably a great idea to have some sizable clothes available for those situations. Every lady goes through these changes but there are several ways to balance the trouble. These fantastic pointers for clothing, color and accessories will help you how to dress up slimmer and sexier.

Search for the perfect fit. Too tight or too loose clothes will make you look sloppy which is very unappealing. These women may be on the larger side but they look absolutely fabulous since their clothes fit perfectly without being too tight and loose. The same goes for men as well like a perfect fitting men tuxedos on big muscular men.

Opt for dark, solid colors such as Black, Gray or Navy Blue since dark, solid colors make you appear thinner.

Keep away from horizontal stripes, choose narrow vertical stripes or diagonal lines instead for a flowing and elegant look.

Choose bold accessories to lure attention away from problem spots like wearing elegant jewelry such as watches, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Don’t be afraid to try out several different clothes like slim fit suits for women. Different designers have several different size charts for you. Keep away from pleats, flat front pants and skirts are instant slimming wears. If you have a large bust, find a proper support bra. Shirts shouldn’t be tucked in and must fall just below your waist and not too long as well.

If you like wearing sleeveless dresses, wear a stylish shawl on your upper arms. Select open collar shirts, v-neck or scoop necklines to make your torso appear longer. Remember that a dress with a matching coat can conceal bulges.

For sexier and longer looking legs, wear an asymmetrical, tiered skirt. A thick waistband helps flatten your tummy, search for wide ones. That’s all for now folks, trying these fantastic tips will eventually help you look great whatever size you have.

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