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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Twitter’s algorithm update saddens Beiber

“I heard you changed your system to stop my fans from making trending topics?? Really?? Where is the love??” Bieber tweeted to @twitter on Saturday, the service’s official Twitter handle.

According to social networking news site Mashable, twitter has changed the algorithm that decides it’s “Trending Topics,” the majority well-liked subjects — indicated frequently by a special hash tagged word or phrase — being talked about crosswise Twitter.

The new algorithm of Twitter brings to the public the most popular and trending immediately, rather than some topics that has been popular for a while only. This thing is clearly stated on the “HELP PAGE” of Twitter.

Aside from the issue about twitter, it is said that the young male singing sensation is having a hard time choosing white tuxedos to wear for one of his concerts.

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