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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet Esperanza Spalding: The Grammy’s New Artist Winner

Esperanza Spalding is the name that made millions of people in the blogosphere intereste about as she snatched the Grammy’s Award for best New Artist from wonder boy Justin Bieber.

This girl will definitely mark in the jazz industry and in the music history as a whole for being the first jazz artist to win that prestigious award.
Espalding’s music genre is purely concentrated on jazz music but she is also an excellent bassist and really has a unique and powerful voice.
Let’s take a leaf out of her biography to know more about her personal details.
Spalding was raised by a single mom in a place called King Neighborhood at Portland Oregon. She described this place as “ghetto” and “pretty scary” but hasn’t discussed further why she said that.

Her childhood days are pretty much interesting and something that is really touching because she suffered from a lengthy illness making her as one of those homeschooled kids. But at her young age, she really enjoys playing instruments like violin, guitar, oboe, clarinet and later on bass. Her mother was her personal voice trainer and has become her touring buddy when she was invited to play in some places.
With regard to her choice of dresses, this slim lady loves to wear rocker type of clothing and seldom will you see her in feminine dresses. That’s pretty cool!

Everybody is looking forward for more of Esperanza Spalding talent in music. But for now, she deserves applause for winning the Best New Artist Award.

Esperanza Spalding in a canary yellow prom dress during the 53rd Grammy Awards night.


  1. she's cute - but needs to do something with the hair..

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