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Sunday, March 20, 2011

After Dropping Father’s Studio, Beyonce to release New Album this June

Beyonce Knowles is certainly not his daddy’s little girl anymore when she decided to leave Knowles' Music World management which was owned by her father Matthew Knowles.

But after this shocking news about dropping his father as a manager without confirming any reason of doing so, Beyonce again shook the world as she announces that her new album is already set to release in June this News has said that the diva was secretly working with this album while she was still under her father’s management umbrella. It's also said that she's collaborating with Australian singer/songwriter Sia and producer/DJ/songwriter Diplo on her yet-to-be-titled record.

Since the album has no title yet, we can’t tell what would be the concept of her music videos, whether it would be a military themed with her back-ups dressed in military slim suits, or all for girl theme or something never before seen concept.

"Those songs, the best description I can give is groundbreaking. She's gone to another level”, said her staff.

But I was just wondering, now that her father won’t manage her career anymore, will her mom be her special occasion dress designer still?
I bet no one have ever asked that yet to Beyonce.

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