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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Michelle Obama: Facebook is a No No for her Two Girls

After the controversy with her choice of fashion style, the first lady is up for a new issue regarding her statement regarding the use of social network site Facebook for her daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, 9.
During the interview with Matt Lauer on Today’s show, Michelle Obama said that her two lovely girls are forbidden to use or be part of Facebook because she is “not a fan of young kids having Facebook.”
“It’s not something they need. It’s not necessary right now,” she continued
If you can remember, the first lady was firm on her decision that she wears dresses of any kind (whether it be plus size clothes or a plain home clothes) that she is comfortable with and not merely looking if the clothes were designer made or not. And now, she was firm on her words of not allowing her girls to join the Facebook bandwagon.
Maybe the first lady was just being an overprotective mom and wants the life of her daughters to be private as much as possible. She don’t want any negative comment to view on so as not to hurt her girl’s emotions.
Her girls are growing adorably and maybe in a couple of years one of the girls will be wearing a prom dress. I guess that will be the time she will be allowed to sign up in Facebook!
Well, Mark Zuckerberg should made a good mail to send to the first lady’s inbox enumerating the good things that Facebook can offer to her kids because in one way or another this statement has a great impact on Facebook, right?

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