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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Michele Obama on the way she dresses: "It's not something I focus on”

The first lady finally made a complete statement on issues concerning the kind of dresses she wears.
During the interview with Matt Lauer of Today’s, Michelle Obama made it clear that she has her personal style in everything and whether she has plenty of designer made casual dresses, ladies church suits or long gowns in her wardrobe she wears dresses that make her feel comfortable. What is “in” and “out” in the world of fashion is not something that she is concerned of.
"It's not something I focus on ... Everybody's got to get dressed in the morning and put on something. I hope people find it nice, but it's not something I focus on." Michelle Obama elaborates.

The choice of dresses she wears has been the concern of some fashion moguls especially the dress she wore during the State Dinner with Chinese President Hu Jintao that gained negative remarks from Oscar de la Renta and the CFDA.
Mrs. Obama uttered this statement regarding the issue,“I like to patronize American designers, and the vast majority of the clothes that I wear are [designed by Americans.] But there are a lot of other designers that have cute stuff, too ... I don't think that I’m any different from any other woman, other than the fact that people see what I wear and then they talk about it.”
That’s so true! I guess whoever Michelle Obama’s designer is, he or she is indeed lucky! Just pick what makes her comfy. That’s all!

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